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Emergency Incident kit 3

Product Number LIK3-17

This kit offers increased capability over incident kit 2, with the inclusion of the 100m Battery powered Directional Waysafe, means that the illuminated route/pathway can now be extended up to 100m visual indication as to the direction of travel, the direction can be changed to suit the situation.  The NOVA 5K C+R battery powered light gives 5000 lumen output, and can be run from either the battery or mains.

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Incident kit 3 Comprises of:
1 x 100m Battery Directional Waysafe
1 x Battery charger for Waysafe
1 x 50m 110v Waysafe
1 x NOVA battery Flood light
1 x Battery Chargers for Flood light
6 x Flat lights
6 x Chargers for flat lights
2 x Hard carry cases