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NOVA 10 K - 10,000 Work Lamp

Product Number .03.5444

The sturdiness of the new NOVA 10K makes it strong enough to endure the rough, wet and dirty envi­ronments of a construction site, and can be used for outdoor work under all kinds of weather conditions.

The unique COB LED technology delivers extremely high light output, with a uniform and completely even illumination. The CRI value is close to that of daylight, and the NOVA housing is made of a robust die cast aluminium, resistant to shocks and vibration – perfect for a working environment.

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Technical Specification
High efficiency COB LED
Integrated WIRELESS light control
16000 lux@ 0.5m
10000 lm@ 100% / 7500 lm@75% /
5000 lm@50% / 2500 lm@25% /
1000 lm@10%
5m cable/ 3x1mm2 H05RN-F
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NOVA 10 K - 10,000 Lumen Work Lamp

With the integrated WIRELESS light control feature you can easily control up to four work lights. WIRELESS light control also makes it possible to turn on/off the lamp and adjust the light output to suit the work task in question.

The WIRELESS light control application is perfect when working with one or more hard-to-reach lamps, for example positioned on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD.