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VEGA 1500 C + R - LED Floodlight

Product Number .03.5452

The new VEGA 1500 C+R offer performance and durability, the light output is high and the powerful LEDs provide a diffused and pleasant, non-blinding, uniform work light, with a large dispersion area.

The robust housing of the VEGA 1500 C+R is made of a highly shock-re­sistant plastic material, perfect for a working environment. Since the LEDs do not produce heat, there is no fire hazard when using the floodlight.

VEGA 1500 C+R comes with an integrated carrying handle and a stand for direct mounting of the lamp on the tripod.

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Technical Specification
66 LEDs
1700/3000 lux@0.5m (step 1/2)
750/1500 lm (step 1/2)
3h/1.5h (step 1/2) Operation time
1.5h Charging time
5m cable/2x0.75mm2 H05RN-F
100-240V AC - 50/60Hz
WEIGHT 1.6 kg
vega no heat_preview.jpg
vega on metal stilage_preview.jpg