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NOVA Range Carry Bag

Product Number NCB338-17

NOVA 20 C+R is with DUAL SYSTEM and can be used both with cable connection and with battery without cable connection depending on the work task in question. The new practical nylon carrying bag makes it convenient to take the NOVA lamp with you everywhere: in the car, in the van, in the truck. At the construction site. On the road. In the field.

When going to a repair job, a fitter job – in short, everywhere outside the workshop.

The practical bag makes it more convenient to carry the lamp. It holds the lamp and the loose cable assembled and you avoid losing the cable. To protect the lamp, you can lock the bag with the zipper as you carry it or when stored. The carry-on size bag is lightweight and made from strong, durable nylon that packs down to a compact size when not used. The size of the bag fits the NOVA 20 lamp perfectly and inside it is fitted with a large pocket intended for the cable. The bag has soft-padded carrying handle and a convenient storage pocket on the FRONT

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