60m Waysafe B.A. Line

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Disasters do not just happen on sunny days, when conditions are at their worst is when Waysafe comes into its own.

LGI is manufacturing and supplying the 60m Waysafe B.A. line to the Emergency Services  and security organisations worldwide. We understand that the current in-service B.A. or Breathing Apparatus Line has caused problems over recent years. So because of these issues LGI decided to develop the 60m B.A. Line as a twenty first century guideline that meets the operational requirements without changing the standard operational procedure.

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60m Waysafe B.A. Line

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the new 60m Waysafe B.A. Line, to our range of LGI products.

UK Fire Services have welcomed the introduction of the new 60m Waysafe B.A. line. LGI introduced this guideline, as feedback on the current in-service product was not good. LGI has aimed to develop a twenty-first-century guideline that met the operational requirements and standard operational procedures. The outcome is our new Waysafe B.A. Guide Line with indicator tabs.


Designed for use in low light, dark or smoke-filled environments, either internally or externally, the 60m Waysafe B.A. line enables the user to mark a safe route through the operational area.

When deployed, Waysafe increases the time spent at the fire face, because firefighters will be able to move more efficiently to and from the scene. The guideline is worn by the user, and the cable is pulled from the bag and tied off as normal. The Waysafe B.A. line is available at 60, 100m, 150m, and 200m lengths.

The standard Guideline is supplied with static illumination material. Fire Brigades requested a directional indication version of the guideline,  this is now available. The illuminated 60m Waysafe B.A. line is fitted with string indicators to match the current in-service product. Users can follow the illuminated guideline or use the indicator strings i.e. long string, short string system that is currently in operation within the service.

The new 60m Waysafe B.A. line is the most effective, cost-efficient, and visibly effective way of marking safe routes and areas of danger in all conditions. This UK-designed and built product offers you the flexibility you require to confidently undertake your task.

Part Numbers

    • PWB  60M-BA
    • PWB100M-BA
    • PWB150M-BA
    • PWB200M-BA

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