A.I.M. (Advanced Illuminated Marking System)

Technical Information

A.I.M. Advanced Illuminated Marker System was to develop as a user-friendly tailor-made marking system that could be used in many different applications across the military sector. The A.I.M. Advanced Illuminated Marker will automatically activate the tablets.

The new Tactical Dispenser has a capacity of up to 20 illumination devices, is ergonomic in design and fits comfortably into your hand.

Illuminated Tablets


A.I.M. Advanced Illuminated Marker

A.I.M. is the next evolution in route, area and object marking, it can show a direction to follow, or clearly mark an area of danger.
The A.I.M. Advanced Illuminated Marker dispenser will automatically activate the tablets. The reusable tablets can be manually activated until the battery is depleted.

The A.I.M. dispenser, is removed easily from its elasticated webbing mounted pouch. Activation is simple even with gloved hand. To replace the illumination devices just slide the side cover down and insert up to 20 tablets. Push the cover back into place and you are ready to use your dispenser.

A.I.M. Advanced Illuminated Marker tablets are used to mark a safe route through an area of danger, or to mark the area of danger itself. The A.I.M. tablets are available in a variety of colours, including Infra-Red. The tablets give a clear and constant reference point, they are highly visible at night, in both overt and covert modes of operation.

The tablets are visible with the naked eye at a distance of 250 Meters. The maximum illumination time for each tablet is 36 hours. The new tactical dispenser will hold up to 20 A.I.M. tablets, to activate the tablets simply push the slider forward and the tablet will illuminate and fall from the front of the dispenser.


Areas of Operation

Shown below are various applications for the A.I.M. product.
Marking Safe Routes and Direction of Travel, Marking vehicles, Personal Identifier, Drop Zones, Temporary HLS, Lines of Departure
Minefield operations, EOD Operations, Safe Lane Clearance, Vessel Searches, Aircraft Searches, Room Clearances, Casualty Marking, Friendly forces marking, Breaching operations, Military Search, Amphibious operations, Emergency Evac, Technical Explorations Operations, Covert Operations, Signalling, Medical Triage.
So for further information on the A.I.M. Advanced Illuminated marker product please go to www.aimuk.co.uk or call us on 01249 819638