NVG Fireworm

Technical Information

Designed and developed to overcome the problem of highlighting areas of danger or marking a safe route, either overtly or covertly.

The control on allows you to adjust the illumination levels to suit the environment, i.e full NVG compatible mode or high brightness illumination.


NVG Fireworm

The NVG Fireworm linear illuminated marking system with overt and covert modes of operation.

It was developed at the request of the UK MoD for a dismounted counter mine project in 2006 and since that time it has been further developed into the product we have today.
The flexible illuminated marking system has been designed and developed by LGI specifically to overcome the problem of highlighting areas of danger or marking a safe route, either overtly or covertly by day or night.

The illumination colour is highly visible at night and provides the safety and comfort factors, inherent in a clear constant reference point. The user has the ability to set the visual range in covert mode. The Fireworm is compatible with night vision goggles, it does not have an adverse effect when using other such devices. Should the illumination material be cut or damaged whilst in use, the illumination material can be easily repaired and returned to operational use with a few minutes, by using the repair kit supplied with the product.

This product marks a significant advance in capability over current marking methodology. This non IR system enables the user to switch between visible and covert mode where it employs “black Light” (visible only with Night Vision Goggles), working between the visible and IR Spectra, generating no heat and thus undetectable by thermal imaging devices.

There are a number of extra capabilities that can be applied to the product, these include, Remote Activation, Solar Recharge Capability, PIR Activation.

To ensure the usability and maintainability requirements of operational equipment the NVG Fireworm has been put through its paces to ensure compliance with operational requirements. The equipment has been successfully tested and approved for operational service both on the ground and in flight. Release to service documents have been issued as well as NATO stock numbers.

Illumination times

50m,   NVG Fireworm    Overt mode:    30  hours     Covert mode:110  hours

100m, NVG Fireworm    Overt mode:    15  hours     Covert mode:  60  hours

300m, NVG Fireworm    Overt mode:     8  hours     Covert mode:   30  hours

We have developed an AA battery version for short gap crossings, please see out T.I.M.S. product for more information.


50m   NVG Fireworm NSN: 6230-99-585-8647
100m NVG Fireworm NSN: 6230-99-316-0177
300m NVG Fireworm NSN: 6230-99-216-9544