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Disasters do not just happen on sunny days, when conditions are at their worst is when Waysafe comes into its own.

LGI has been manufacturing and supplying illuminated safety guideline to Emergency Services  and security organisations worldwide for over 20 years.

The battery Waysafe was initially developed as an illuminated guideline which would act as a safe route marking device through areas of danger. Applications extended to marking areas of danger or as a cordon in command-and-control incidents, routes to triage and safe havens.


  • Battery Waysafe

The Battery Waysafe linear illuminated marking system was designed for use in low light or dark conditions either internally or externally. It enables the user to mark a safe route around an area of danger or to mark a hazard.

The portable Waysafe system’s cable is 5mm in diameter. The cable emits a brilliant Blue/Green light along its entire length. This colour is highly visible at night and provides the safety and comfort factors inherent in a clear constant reference point.

If the cable is cut whilst in operation, the cable that is still connected to the cable drum will stay alight. Simply turn the Battery Waysafe off and make a field repair to get the cable working again. The Battery Waysafe product range from LGI has been developed specifically to accommodate the requirements for both portable and plug in power. There are Four standard illumination colors available, these are: – Blue/Green, Red, Lime Green and Orange

The battery waysafe from LGI is the most effective, cost efficient and clearly visible way of marking safe routes and areas of danger.
This UK designed and built product offers the flexibility you require to undertake your varying tasks.

Typical UK users of the Waysafe include:

Fire & Rescue Services
Police Forces

Applications include:

Smoke Filled Environments, Confined Space Search, Collapsed Structures, Water Rescue, Tunnel Operations, Cordoning, Hot Zone Marking. We have developed a range of battery powered submersible Waysafe products for the diving community, these range from the 25 and 50m body worn devices to the 100m and 200m static units that sit on the sea or lake bed.

The new introduction to the range is the Directional Waysafe, this product offers the user the ability to determine the direction of travel required to undertake the job.

Part Numbers

  • PWB50M
  • PWB100M
  • PWB200M
  • PWB300M