Toe Illuminators

Technical Information

The Toe illuminators were designed as a simple method for vehicles to align themselves with the bridge at night and in both overt and covert modes of operation.

Quick and easy to install and they run on 6 x AA batteries



Large Military vehicles travelling at night or in low light conditions are assisted by the use of the LGI, bridge toe illuminator when crossing gullies, berms, or rivers.

The Toe illuminators were first developed against a specific MoD project and since then we have included them as a standard part of or offering, to our various clients.

This simple battery powered system allows the oncoming vehicles to align themselves correctly before driving onto the bridge in either low light or dark conditions.

The toe illuminator system comprises a clip-on track, that can be affixed to the side of the toe of the bridge, this low-profile device has the light source embedded within the track and a detachable power lead runs back to the control box. The power pack contains six AA batteries, depending upon the type of bridge the control box could be hung or affixed to the side of the bridge.

The light source is unidirectional, it does not flair light, it just emits a clear constant reference point.

Depending upon the type of bridge the control box can be hung or affixed to the side of the bridge.

The unidirectional light source is fully compatible with all night vision goggles and devices.

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