Product Information


  • High efficiency COB LED / Spot: SMD LED
  • D 200 lumen, Spot: 100 lumen 320 lux@1m, Spot: 1040 lux@1m Operating time 2.5h, Spot: 3.5 h 3.8V/1600 mAh Li-ion Charging time 3.5 h
  • IP65
  • 142 g T



SCANGRIP’s EX-VIEW headlight works in hazardous environments and explosive atmospheres. This explosion-proof product line is ideal for work offshore, chemical installations, Tanked vehicles, Refineries and many more. The EX-VIEW line is perfect for use in all industries where gas and dust are a safety risk.

EX-VIEW is an extremely durable and remarkably lightweight explosion-proof headlamp made for hazardous locations. The ergonomic design of the product offers a perfect, comfortable fit, and the woven headband is strong and adjustable.

Supplied with the latest COB LED technology, this product provides an extremely powerful illumination area, which spreads the uniform light to the maximum and lightens up your entire field of view. To operate in sensor mode, simply turn it on and off by waving a hand in front of the headlamp.

Why choose EX-VIEW?

  • The EX-View is Lightweight when compared to other explosion-proof headlamps.
  • The head lamp is detachable, making it possible to use it as a small hand lamp.
  • Hands-free operation allows you to operate the headlamp when wearing thick gloves, or with dirty hands.
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit the Ex-View gives the best illumination, and it certainly lightens your entire field of view.
  • The EX-VIEW’s current design is registered under EU patent number RCD No 5597010.
  • EX-VIEW is also protected by CN Utility Model Patent No ZL201620157968.X.

II 3G Ex ic IIC T5 Gc

II 3D Ex ic IIIC T100°C Dc IP65

The EX-VIEW has been certified and approved by TÜV SÜD according to the ATEX Directive no 2014/34/EU. This directive became effective from April 2016 and according to IECEx.

ATEX certificate no. TPS 18 ATEX 054006 0014 X Rev.00

IECX certificate no. IECEx TPS 18.0017X



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