Safe Passage Engineering

Latest introduction to the range of illuminated marking systems is the Advanced Illuminated marking System A.I.M. For more information please go to or call our sales office on 01249 819638

Safe Passage Engineering

Safe Passage Engineering encompasses all areas of mounted and dismounted operations including but not limited to:

Marking Safe Routes and Direction of Travel Drop Zones – Temporary HLS – lines of departure – Amphibious Operations – Medical Triage – amongst many others.

  • The current product range has been developed over a number of year whilst working with Military organisations around the world. All products carry NATO stock numbers.The bridge illumination systems have been developed for specific bridge sets, some elements can be transferred from bridge to bridge, however most are designed for specific bridges.For more information on this area please contact our sales office.


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NVG Fireworm

NVG Fireworm

Designed and developed to overcome the problem of highlighting areas of danger or marking a safe route, either overtly or covertly. The control on allows you to adjust the illumination levels to suit the environment, i.e full NVG compatible mode or high brightness illumination.


The Battery Fireworm is the simple solution to all your marking and cordoning needs. Users have commented that its long battery life and lightweight, yet robust construction allows it to be used for many different applications. In summary some of the benefits of the Battery Fireworm system are flexible light source, low running cost, battery powered.
Temporary Illuminated Marking System

T.I.M.S. Power pack

The T.I.M.S. flexible light weight man portable marking system to overcome the problem of highlighting areas of danger or marking a safe route. The system comprises of two power packs, each pack is driven by 8 x AA batteries.
Marker pole fitted to REBS

Bridging systems

We have developed a number of bridge illumination systems to suit the General Dynamics R.E.B.S. bridge, BAE Systems BR 90 and the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) Leguan Bridge.
Toe Illuminator

Toe Illuminators

The Toe illuminators were designed as a simple method for vehicles to align themselves with the bridge at night and in both overt and covert modes of operation.
A.I.M. Advanced Illuminated Marker

A.I.M. (Advanced Illuminated marking System)

AIM the Advanced Illuminated Marking System was to developed as a user-friendly tailor-made marking system that could be used in many different applications across the military sector. The new Tactical Dispenser has a capacity of up to 20 illumination devices, is ergonomic in design and fits comfortably into your hand.

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