AIM Illuminated Tablets

AIM Advanced Illuminated Marking System, simple, easy to use, long run times , Recyclable.

Colours Available: Red, Green, Blue, White Yellow, Orange and Infra Red

Supplied in packs of ten, either with or without adhesive Tabs

The AIM Advanced illuminated Marking System tablets can be used either in the dispensing unit or can be activated manually, by putting them in contact with a metal surface. They are supplied in boxes of ten tablets, each tablet can be fitted with an adhesive pad, or they can be left bare. We specify that the illumination times for each tablet is 24 hours but they do last on average 36 hours by which time the internal battery is depleted. The power and electronics to drive the illumination are contained within each tablet. The benefit of using the AIM illuminated marking system tablet apart from its long illumination time, is that it is fully recyclable, When tablets are returned in bulk we offer a financial rebate against your next order, which allows us to fully recycle the product.