110/240v Directional Waysafe

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Disasters do not just happen on sunny days, when conditions are at their worst is when Waysafe comes into its own.

LGI has been manufacturing and supplying illuminated safety guideline to Emergency Services  and security organisations worldwide for over 20 years.



110v or 240v Directional Waysafe

The 110/240v Directional Waysafe has been developed to accommodate the requirements of the construction and Rail industry where the requirement  for both portable and plug in power is required.

The 110/240v Waysafe cable is 5mm in diameter. The standard cable emits a brilliant Blue/Green light along its length. The illumination colour for the construction industry is Blue/Green and for the Rail sector it is Orange. These colours are highly visible at night and provide the safety and comfort factors required in a clear constant reference point. The Waysafe linear illuminated marking system is designed for use in low light or dark environments, internally or externally.

Four illumination colours available, these are:- Blue/Green, Red,  Lime Green and Orange. Illumination lengths from 50 to 300 metres. The 110/240V Directional Waysafe is versatile product it is used in a number of applications as shown below, these are just some of the reasons why the Waysafe system is so successful. Easy to deploy, highly visible long illumination times.

Typical applications include:

  • Safe walking Routes. Demarcation of safe working areas. Demarcation of vehicle parking zones.
  • Marking safe working areas adjacent to platforms and embankments.
  • Demarcation of walkways to and from parking areas and storage compounds.
  • Tracing and marking cables that run under tracks.
  • Demarcation of safe working areas.
  • Designated working zone.
  • Demarcation of unexpected hazardous zones during early stages of project surveys.
  • Cable replacement and upgrading
  • Highlighting and cordoning areas that are outside the work-light zones or areas that are in shadow.

Part Numbers

  • PWD110V50M
  • PWD110V100M
  • PWD110V200M
  • PWD110V300M

Please also consider the 110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe, which gives you the added advantage of Battery power backup.

Should you require additional technical information on this product, please contact our sales office by using the contact us button. Please also look at the 110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe