Powerpack Waysafe

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Disasters do not just happen on sunny days, when conditions are at their worst is when Waysafe comes into its own.

LGI has been manufacturing and supplying illuminated safety guideline to Emergency Services  and security organisations worldwide for over 20 years.


Part Numbers

  • PPBW50m
  • PPBW100m
  • PPBW200m
  • PPBW300m

Power Pack Waysafe.

The Power Pack waysafe was developed out of a requirement from the Command and Control units from the various Emergency Services groups, who wanted to be able to have control over illumination, in terms of when it could be illuminated, the mode of illumination (either static, Flashing or Directional) including the duration of illumination time. Using the Power Pack Waysafe for cordoning, Routes to Triage or escape lines is the obvious choice when the users are involved in a lengthy extrication process, or just marking areas of danger and safe routes.

The Power Pack Waysafe has all the capability of the standard Battery Waysafe but all the control systems are contained in an IP67 carry case. The illumination material is held on its own cable drum.
The power pack can also be supplied to accommodate directional illumination material, which offers the additional benefit of being able to decide what direction the illumination should show and both speed and brightness levels of the illumination material.

One of the many benefits is that the illuminated cable is supplied on a separate drum which simply plugs into the power pack case. One of the benefits of this product is that you can have a single power pack, but you can have any number of drums of coloured illumination material which can be plugged into the case as and when required.

The various power options include:
Battery powered, 110v Input, 240V Input, 110v Battery backup, 240v Battery backup.

The power packs can be built to accommodate 50m, 100m 200m or 300m Lengths of Illumination material. There are Four standard illumination colours available in both static and directional illumination, these are:- Blue/Green, Red, Lime Green and Orange. Other colours can be manufactured but there is a minimum run of 1000 metres.