Submersible Waysafe

Technical Information

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Disasters do not just happen on sunny days, when conditions are at their worst is when Waysafe comes into its own.

LGI has been manufacturing and supplying illuminated safety guideline to Emergency Services  and security organisations worldwide for over 20 years.


Part Numbers

  • LVNS25
  • LS50X
  • LS100X
  • LVNS200X

Submersible Waysafe 25m.

The Submersible Waysafe was developed for use underwater when visibility is low. The submersible Waysafe’s aim is to provide security to all divers who need guiding in low or no visibility water conditions. The system gives the user the ability to be seen in the dark, while remaining free to undertake the required activity. The illuminated guide lines provide operators with a greater level of security and efficiency with lower stress levels. Illumination colours available are Blue/Green and Lime/Green
Submersible Waysafe has been developed in collaboration with both military and professional divers its features and benefits are:

•Pressure Resistant to 10 Bars •Cable Diameter 4 mm, •Product dimensions 135mm x 139mm x 195 mm, •Tensile Force 40 Kg •Battery Run Time 3.5 Hours •Battery Technology Li-ion •Charging Time 2.5-3 Hours, •CE Approved.

Submersible Waysafe 50m

The 50m Submersible Waysafe unit can be submerged to a depth of 200m, the cable can then be paid out and illuminated.
The Waysafe Submersible mark a significant advance in capability over current underwater marking methodology. Simple and speedy to deploy, reduces time on task and allows a clearly visible route to be followed. The system comprises a cable drum and a rechargeable power pack.

The battery pack is a cylindrical unit fitted with a carry handle, the pack includes all electronics, switching and recharging controls, as well as pressure safety valve. The illumination material is 5mm diameter. The Standard colour is lime green, but Blue green, Red, Orange and white Illumination are also available.
Illumination times at the 50m is 4 hours in static mode and 7 hours in flashing mode.

Submersible Waysafe 100 & 200m

The system comprises a submersible Cable drum which contains all power and control for the illumination system. Illumination material lengths are available in 100m and 200m. The illumination material is 5mm diameter. Standard colour is lime green, but we can also supply Blue green, Red, Orange and White Illumination. Illumination times on the 200m is 6 hours in Static mode.