110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe

Technical Information

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Disasters do not just happen on sunny days, when conditions are at their worst is when Waysafe comes into its own.

LGI has been manufacturing and supplying illuminated safety guideline to Emergency Services  and security organisations worldwide for over 20 years.



110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe

The 110/240v Battery backup Waysafe ™ is a portable illuminated guideline. The 110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe offers the user the comfort of knowing that they can illuminate a pathway or cordon off a specific area, simply by pulling the cable from the drum and switching it on.

Because of the type of illumination material used, it ensures that the cable continues to work if a section is cut away accidentally. The end of the cable should be sealed to prevent the ingress of moisture.

  • The 110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe has been developed to accommodate the requirements of the Construction and Rail industry. In these specific industries, portable and plug-in power requirements are essential.
  • The 110/240v Battery Backup Waysafe system’s cable is only 5 mm in diameter. The standard Waysafe is fitted with Blue/Green illumination material however Orange illumination material is fitted for the Rail sector. If the supply voltage were to fail the Waysafe internal batteries would take over and run the Waysafe for 15 Hours.

There are four standard illumination colours available, these are: – Blue/Green, Red, Lime Green, and Orange. Illumination lengths are available from 50 to 300 meters.

The 110 or 240v Battery Backup Waysafe is the solution to all your marking and cordoning needs, plus the added advantage of up to 15 hours of battery backup should the power source fail.

  • The Battery Backup Waysafe is available with both static and directional illumination material.

Various Rail Applications

    • Safe walking Routes.
    • Marking safe working areas next to platforms and embankments. Tracing and marking cables that run under tracks.
    • Over rail-track warning, lines to reduce risk of MEWPs and other vehicles passing outside designated working zone. Cable replacement and upgrading. Highlighting and cordoning off areas that are outside work-light zones or that are cast in shadow.
    • Demarcation
    • Safe working areas. Vehicle parking zones.
    • Walkways to and from parking areas and storage compounds.
    • Safe working areas.
    • Highlighting and cordoning off areas that are outside work-light zones or that are cast in shadow.

Part numbers

  • PWB110VBBU50M
  • PWB110VBBU100M
  • PWB110VBBU200M
  • PWB110VBBU300M